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Common reasons for motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcyclists are a familiar sight on busy Connecticut highways and city streets during warm weather, and their minimal profile makes them hard to spot, especially when a driver’s distracted. Cyclists and drivers need to stay alert and obey the law. The following dangers and warnings apply to both types of roadways.


Watching the landscape whizz by might be exhilarating, but it’s also dangerous. There’s less time to react to careless drivers and obstacles, and the severity of potential damage increases. Speeding on wet or icy roads is a recipe for disaster.

Stopping suddenly

Remember that a bike’s brake lights aren’t as prominent as an automobile’s. On a sunny day, it’s even harder to see them. A sudden stop may result in a rear-end collision and a badly injured motorcyclist.

Lane changes

When you’re on a bike, remember that a driver might not see you. Don’t weave in and out between lanes. Leave yourself plenty of room to maneuver, and don’t try to slide into a small gap in traffic.

Under the influence

Don’t ever ride a motorcycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your reaction time will likely be slower, and your judgment may be faulty. There’s little protection between your body and the road, so stay upright and sober.


Everybody has to learn somehow, but novice motorcyclists should stick to the backroads until they are familiar with their bikes. Avoid highways and the increased dangers associated with them.

Struck by a door

Motorcycle accidents also happen on city streets. Drivers opening doors without checking for ongoing traffic pose a real threat to motorcyclists, bicyclists and skaters. Unfortunately, swerving away from the door may put you in the path of another vehicle.

If you’re a motorcyclist and have the misfortune to experience an accident, you are not necessarily the one at fault. Call the police, request a copy of their report and obtain the contact information from any witnesses. If you feel that the insurance payment is insufficient, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit.