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Reasons for dog bites

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2022 | Blog, Injuries |

Dog owners should become aware of the common reasons their pets may bite. Doing so could keep the owner from facing a lawsuit in a Connecticut courtroom.

Reasons why a dog may bite

Someone comfortable with dogs may take their disposition for granted. Assuming a dog wants to be petted may be a mistake. The dog could feel scared or threatened, increasing the chances it may bite.

Humans might not be aware that a dog’s mood may change for the worse for any number of reasons. The dog could be sick or injured, even though it might not show any distress. Someone walking up to the dog and immediately petting it could suffer a bite. The dog could react like this to someone it knows. Strangers who aggressively approach and pet dogs may get a worse reaction.

Others may encroach on a dog while it is eating. The pet might think someone’s attempting to take its food, leading to a defensive reaction. A dog could act in a similar way when it perceives a threat.

It is worth noting that some breeds are more aggressive than others. The aggression may manifest in behavior that involves biting for seemingly no reason other than to display dominance.

An owner’s responsibilities

While anyone near a dog should be cautious, owners are responsible for keeping their pet from biting someone. Owners whose dogs bit someone previously should take additional steps to keep others safe. Owners who fail to protect others may face legal consequences for any resulting dog bites.

Allowing a dog to run around off its leash could constitute negligence if the dog bites someone without provocation. Allowing an aggressive, snarling dog to get near visitors inside the home may also be negligent. The owner may face a liability claim if an owner’s negligence contributes to the dog’s actions.