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Amazon drivers involved in crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Delivery drivers face responsibilities to complete their assigned tasks timely and safely while performing their duties in Connecticut. Sometimes, these goals conflict with one another, as evidenced by accidents involving Amazon delivery workers.

Amazon and delivery accidents

Many customers prefer to purchase from Amazon because of the promised delivery times. Amazon works with affiliated drivers to provide delivery services unencumbered by slower post office delivery times. Unfortunately, some drivers may lack the training necessary to avoid accidents. Accident statistics show Amazon drivers sometimes find themselves involved in deadly accidents.

Since 2015, Amazon delivery drivers have been involved in numerous accidents, many of which resulted in fatalities.

Promising to deliver packages one time and faster than traditional delivery options may factor into those crashes. A driver concerned about late deliveries could rush to a drop-off point, committing moving violations along the way. Speeding and focusing only on completing a delivery might contribute to a crash.

Lawsuits and delivery accidents

Anyone who suffers harm in a motor vehicle accident may take legal action against the responsible party. When a delivery driver does something reckless, such action may establish negligence. Negligent behavior typically demonstrates fault in a personal injury claim.

Amazon may find itself facing lawsuits from injury victims due to company policies. If an employer or enterprise hiring independent contractors puts burdens on workers to deliver faster, the company might contribute fault to any car accidents caused by a speeding delivery driver.

Suing the delivery driver would likely also occur, as the employer might not be the only liable party. Drivers who ignore traffic laws and cause accidents may have difficulty avoiding a civil lawsuit. Victims might hope that the driver has sufficient insurance coverage to address losses.