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Pedestrian accidents along highways

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pedestrians must employ care when walking near moving vehicles. Some locations in Connecticut require added vigilance because cars might move at high speeds. Walking along a highway seems like a dangerous activity, but there are times when pedestrians cannot avoid doing so. Drivers should be mindful of anyone’s presence on or adjacent to the roadway to prevent accidents.

Dangers to pedestrians on highways

People might walk by or across an interstate due to unforeseen circumstances. A driver’s car might break down, leaving the driver or a passenger to walk for assistance. The presence of traffic lights at some corners might give some the impression that the road isn’t too dangerous, but being 100 feet from a crossing area is not the same as being in a more controlled spot.

Shoulders could be narrow, putting pedestrians closer to vehicles than expected. Dangers might increase further at night when a lack of light makes pedestrians less visible. Someone who didn’t expect their car to break down might not have a reflecting jacket that increases visibility. Keeping such garments in the trunk could be a good plan.

Dangers to everyone

Even experienced professionals run the risk of being injured in motor vehicle accidents. Workers might not have a choice when it comes to their job sites. They may face dangers even when using all the necessary items to highlight their position. The same could be true when emergency workers perform roadside duties.

Negligence plays a part in many pedestrian-vehicle collisions. Pedestrians may dart out on the interstate in dangerous crossing attempts. Drivers making moving violations or otherwise engaging in unsafe practices could cause a crash. A liable party may face a negligence lawsuit when at fault for injuries.