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E-scooters and accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The popularity of e-scooters drives the micro-mobility movement, which intends to provide less costly alternatives to vehicles. Some electric scooters travel at speeds in the 15 mph range, so scooter riders need to be careful. And not only should they worry about their safety on Connecticut streets, but also the safety of pedestrians and others.

Scooters and their potential dangers

Experience counts when operating an e-scooter, but many riders have little or none. The e-scooter industry does not always involve direct sales. Instead, where legal, many scooters are available on public streets for rent through shared e-scooter companies. Ultimately, anyone with any experience level can take a chance with an e-scooter without going through the expense of buying one. When an inexperienced rider takes the first-time ride in a busy metropolitan area, accidents might happen.

Of course, accidents could happen when either an experienced or inexperienced rider violates safety rules. Riding on sidewalks or in the opposite direction of traffic increases the dangers. Riding too fast in areas with many pedestrians also comes with risks. Going through red lights or stop signs would reflect reckless behavior, too.

E-scooter accidents and injuries

Pedestrian accidents caused by a negligent e-scooter operator might leave someone seriously hurt. Similarly, e-scooter operators injured in motor vehicle accidents might have a claim against the driver. Ultimately, a personal injury lawsuit would seek compensation for someone at fault for an accident.

A distracted driver could crush an e-scooter rider into a parked car, or a drunk driver might rear-end a vulnerable scooter at a red light. And there are other examples of how negligence may lead to tragedy and a lawsuit. A lawsuit might seek damages from several parties, including a vehicle’s driver, the e-scooter operator and, possibly, a shared scooter company, among others.