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Dog bites leave scars

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Blog, Injuries |

A dog bite victim might not notice the animal until it’s too late. The attack could be severe depending on the dog’s size and temperament. Victims may find themselves rushed to a Connecticut hospital to treat life-threatening wounds. Even if the treatment and surgeries are successful, the wounds could leave the person with terrible scars. Many times, such incidents result from the dog owner’s negligence.

Dog bite incidents and injuries

When a dog bites down through human flesh, expect severe tissue damage. Besides the immediate wounds a dog bite inflicts, there could be further damage to the nerves. While physicians might treat the injuries successfully, the healing process might leave scars.

Even after the initial treatment, a victim’s visits to the doctor might not end. The victim may suffer from scars that prove distracting if not disfiguring. The scars could appear on the arms, face or legs and require extensive, specialized treatment. Extensive cosmetic surgery could be unavoidable to fix the issue.

There are other problems the person may face. Someone suffering from the aftermath of a dog attack and all its frightening memories could face psychological troubles. Extensive therapy might be necessary to deal with any -traumatic stress disorder.

The various treatments come with costs. A personal injury lawsuit might deal with those expenses.

Negligence and dog bite incidents

Owners or those in charge of an animal’s care may end up responsible for dog bites if their negligence led to the incident. Allowing a dog to run around off its leash reflects one way an owner might be negligent. Not keeping a dog secure on a property or having too low of a fence could be other examples.

Certain insurance policies may cover dog attacks. Victims may sue above the policy limits if the coverage limits are too low.