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What evidence is most helpful in an accident case?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Ideally, you’ll be able to drive to destinations within Connecticut without incident. However, it’s possible that you will be involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle while traveling to work, school or the mall. Although an accident could result in serious injuries and extensive property damage, it may be possible to obtain compensation from the driver who caused the crash to occur.

What types of evidence should you collect?

Photos and videos taken at the scene of a motor vehicle accident can help to bolster your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in your case. This is because they may show that the truck driver was impaired, was fatigued or was otherwise operating his or her vehicle in a dangerous manner when the collision occurred. Witness statements, cellphone records and toxicology reports may also be useful in proving that someone else’s irresponsible actions resulted in injuries, property loss and other damages.

Medical records can help verify your version of events

The presence of a doctor’s note can help you prove that your injuries were caused by the defendant’s actions. You may also be able to obtain copies of test results and other documents that may verify the severity of your injuries and when they occurred. Finally, having medical records from the accident available to you can verify how much it cost to seek treatment. It’s worth noting that you’ll likely be entitled to compensation for the cost of current and future treatment.

Generally speaking, a personal injury case is won or lost based on the strength of the evidence presented. Therefore, it is typically in your best interest to obtain pictures, videos and any other records that can help to establish what happened at the time of a collision.