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How to tell the severity of injuries from a slip and fall

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Injuries |

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen to any resident of New Haven, Connecticut. Often, these accidents occur on stairs. It’s important to know if your injuries from such a fall are serious.

What are the most common injuries from a slip and fall?

A slip-and-fall accident on stairs commonly involves head injuries. If you hit your head during the fall, you might notice certain common symptoms of a concussion. They include the following:

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Tinnitus or ringing of the ears

If you have sustained a concussion, it’s important to immediately seek medical attention. Concussions can worsen if you don’t get evaluated by a doctor and have prompt treatment. You should refrain from using bright lights or screens and exposing yourself to loud sounds. Instead, the best thing to do is rest if you’re diagnosed with a concussion or even suspect that you have a concussion.

Soft tissue injuries are also common after a slip-and-fall accident on stairs. You might have a neck or back injury with affected discs that can result in pain, tingling or numbness. This, too, requires medical attention.

How can you tell if your injury is serious?

Certain symptoms indicate that an injury is serious. Unconsciousness is one of the main ones. If you have a severe headache, confusion, nausea or vomiting, your injuries are more serious.

Bleeding is a common symptom of serious injuries. If the bleeding doesn’t subside after a few minutes when pressure is placed on the affected area, it might mean that there’s a fracture. Loss of feeling in the extremities, slurred or difficult speech, or difficulty or inability to walk are also emergency situations signifying a serious injury.

Even with a less serious injury, you should seek medical attention. Holding the liable party responsible for your damages may be important in getting medical expenses covered.